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Hair Loss Consultation

What to expect at a consultation

  • 25 min
  • 150 US dollars
  • Pennsylvania Avenue

Service Description

All new hair loss patients first need to book an initial hair loss consultation. This appointment is to find out what’s wrong with your hair or scalp and what to do about it. The kinds of questions I ask are generally things such as: *Timeline of your hair loss-when did it begin,how has it progressed since, what have you tried so far to attempt to resolve it,what has helped and has not. *Your general health- medical conditions you suffer from that your primary care treats such as hypertension, hypothyroidism, heart conditions, nerve conditions, auto-immune conditions. *Unusual health symptoms- strange or unusual symptoms not treated by your PC, such as tiredness, dizziness and or palpitations. * Recent health changes- short-term illness,viruses, short periods of acute illness,surgery,accidents. *Medications- long term or short term medications within the last 12 months *Supplements- vitamins,minerals, herbs, pills or potions you take regularly or recently *Diet-what do you eat,how often you eat,and special eating plan,weight loss plan or food exclusion plan *Digestion-bloating, wind, indigestion,IBS, constipation *Family History- genetic links or any other family members who have been affected by the same condition *Nails- are your nails weak,pitted, ridged Stress- major incidences or chronic stress during the time period that is relevant to your complaint *Blood tests- it is really useful to bring a copy of any recent blood test with you to your hair loss consultation, even if they are normal. This is most relevant in hair loss complaints. This list by no means exhaustive. Often an answer to a question at a hair loss consultation will trigger further questions based on that particular answer. Basically the more talkative and forthcoming you are during your hair loss consultation, the easier it is to give an accurate conclusion and to get treatment By the end of the majority of hair loss consultations, I will able to tell you what hair loss condition you are suffering from and what in the balance of probability plan of action. Your plan may include lifestyle or habit changes, diet changes. Deposit goes towards plan of action.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are accepted 24 hours prior to appointment; thereafter, is a $25.00 fee.

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